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The Slytherin Common Room

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is it still here? May. 27th, 2007 @ 10:24 pm
Just checking

the Owlry Feb. 12th, 2005 @ 11:16 am
Heidi didn't know how long she sat there sobbing it felt like only a few moments and an eternity all at once. All that had occured replayed over in her head. Ashla's death, her family's arrival, her dinner with her uncle.
Harry sat with her, she could feel his green eyes watching her, studying her. Heidi continued to sob. In the not far off a thunder clouds boomed, sending a great flash of light across the sky.
Ashla floated into the owlry as another streak cut through the air.
"Hello," Harry greated her.
Ashla eyed him suspiciously as she floated closer.
"I have to be off,"he said rising to his feet and leaving the owlry.
Heidi still did not raise her head. She envied Ashla at that moment.
"Don't even think about it!" Ashla said.
Heidi looked up at her silvery best friend. Heidi shivered as Ashla's transparent skirt floated through her.
The two sat amoungst the owls for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening, chatting away.

Dec. 11th, 2004 @ 06:25 pm
Heidi had detoured to the owlry for some alone time after meal. Her slick black owl nested in her lap as she strocked his soft feathers.
"Well Visteon things have definatly been a mess lately haven't they?" The owl hooted softly hoped up and nibbled her cheek affectionaly.
Heidi nuzzled the soft feathers with her nose.
"Cousin what a horridly affectionate display to that stupid owl" Malfoy's voice was the last thing Heidi wanted to hear. Before she knew what she was doing she lunged at her cousin and was dangling his top half out the window. He reached for his wand but Heidi broke it in half by smashing his hand into the wall.
"Shut the hell up! You bloody twit! I hate you, I hate everything about you!"
"Heidi" A voice said softly as a hand touched her shoulder."let him go"
She didn't move.
"Heidi, he's not worth your time." Harry repeated, he tugged her shoulder gently.
Heidi stepped back and Malfoy fled the owlry.
Visteon hooted at her feet and Heidi colapsed into sobs.

Lets jumpstart this thing again shall we? Dec. 10th, 2004 @ 11:38 am
As everyone was filing out of the Great Hall and heading to their afternoon classes, Fallon took a detour, down to the dungeons. The click of her heals quickened as she got closer to the common room and as she rounded the corner to the lengthy hallway she was in a full speed run. She belted out the password to the frazzled, mean looking wizard who guarded Slytherin common room and ran in checking all the dormitories for lingering students of which there we none. Pointing her wand at the door she charmed it so that it fused with the wall. Clearly there was to be no interruption. She checked the dormitories once more and once she returned to the common room, Ashla was there hovering a bit too close to the fire place. Fallon couldn’t help but smirk.

“You do know that ghosts do burn.”

“What? – Oh, right … I haven’t yet gotten used to ectoplasmic sight as yet.” She moved as Fallon got comfortable in the Common room’s dark corner, into an Indian style position and they made eye contact. Although the rest of her was monochromatic silver, her eyes were a usually bright shade of blue that flickered against the candlelight.

“What is it you want of me?” Fallon broke their silence, and Ashla scoffed.

“What it is I want from you? You’ve put this insane spell on my spirit and I hear your words with every step I take. ‘La muerte sobrepasa vida, pero el viaje que se encuentra en el más allá es mayor y satisfaciendo aquél podría encontrar siempre en la tierra.’ What does it mean?”

“It means you’re a wasteful being! Killing a perfectly fine body, what is your problem?” Ashla could do nothing but blink. Fallon sighed. “I apologize; I mean to help you that’s all.”

“Help me? You hardly know me,” said Ashla.

“Yes, it is far from my natural doing to help, however my helping you does have benefit to me,” said Fallon, rising to a stand. She walked toward the shimmering being raised her hand to its cheek. It went right through her face toward the back of her head, and in turn Ashla sighed.

“There is no use in touching a ghost,” she said.

“What about a ghost that was never meant to be?” asked Fallon with a smirk. “It is rather like a child to take life out of proportion. To feel that every wrong is being committed only to them and that their world will never be right. Little to they know that their afterlives will consume them and they will be left nothing but a shell of their former selves. Their form will go on for always and all who they love will leave them. It’s a sad existence and I for one find utter weakness in one who sees suicide as their only way out. Death surpasses life, but the journey that is found in the beyond is greater and more fulfilling that one could ever find on Earth. That is what my words mean. You have robbed yourself of this. And it is something I fear I will never know.”

Ashla blinked again feeling slightly insulted, but she brushed it off, as it would be even more childish to waste their meeting arguing. “You said you’d answer my questions.”

“Yes I did,” said Fallon, unclasping from her a long silver chain and pulling it out from under her shirt. Dangling from it was a half circle shaped onyx stone, much like the one she’d used in Ashla’s ritual of ‘respect’. Ashla noticed the girl’s rum colored skin fade to a chalky pallor the moment the stone left her chest, but she said nothing. Fallon folded the chain carefully and tucked it inside her cloak pocket.

“Necromancy is a powerful thing,” she said, and paused as if she expected Ashla to reply. Then she continued “It can have quite devastating effects if not done correctly.”

“You’re not going to try to raise me from the dead are you?” asked Ashla. Fallon laughed a bit and shook her head.

“Three years ago when the Dark Lord returned and called for his followers, my mother resisted. She’d had joined the Order of the Phoenix as mole to derive information, but became loyal to their cause. Needless to say as a punishment for her betrayal, she was killed, burnt alive with the kedavera incendio curse.” Ashla obtained a smug expression and folded her arms.

“She got what she deserved then,” she said. Fallon wand was in her face before she could even blink, twitching just moments away from her nose.

“Insult my mother once more and I will remind you that ghosts do burn,”

“Touchy! So Gryffindor like,” said Ashla with a smirk. Fallon eyed her as she replaced her wand in its holster, and then squared her shoulders.

“After this I was held captive until my father pledged his allegiance to the Dark Lord. My father hadn’t had the same feelings as my mother, but loved her dearly and probably would have left the dark side for her, but now that she’s gone … Anyway, when I was returned to him he was lead to believe that I was dead. In desperation he performed on me the Ritual of Fauvita, the same ritual I performed on you, to call my spirit. Only I wasn’t dead.”

Ashla stared wide-eyed. “What happened to you?”

“My father put a memory charm on me, there’s about 6 months that I cannot account for. Stories I’ve heard put me close to dementia. But now, the only known side effect is immortality – I cannot die, and I have all the abilities of a ghost – except of course, I’m not translucent.”

“And what does this all have to do with me?” asked Ashla.

“Nothing really, but it did do for a dramatic effect didn’t it?” Fallon said. Ashla became impatient, and Fallon continued.

“I have been studying the necromantic arts thoroughly ever since. And in my studies I discovered the powers of gem stones. If yielded correctly, they can be some of the most powerful magical entities. I thank them for helping me reclaim some sort of normalcy in my life. And I do believe they can do the same for you.” Fallon stuck her hand in the opposite cloak pocket and withdrew a chain similar to hers also accented with a half circle shaped onyx stone. She beckoned Ashla forward and directed by wand, proceeded to clasp the chain around Ashla’s neck.

“Touch the stone,” Fallon said. And the moment she did, color sprung to Ashla’s hand and raced over her entire body. She felt herself receding and gasped when her feet touched the floor. Fallon was expressionless but Ashla looked at her with wondrous eyes.

“How?” Was the only thing Ashla could say.

“The onyx stone has the power to displace the magic of the dead or undead. It makes you materialize and appear to be mortal.” Fallon took out her own chain from her pocket and put it back on, and her color also instantly returned. “It may not be the real thing, but it’s comforting,” said Fallon, resting her hand on Ashla’s shoulder. The girl’s touch made her jump. It was so warm and yes, comforting. Fallon directed her attention behind her, and when she looked the fireplace had returned – with fire blazing in a welcoming glory. The windows had returned and the wall actually met in corners. She stomped her foot and almost laughed when it didn’t go through the floor. Then she turned back to Fallon.

“I don’t –”

“You don’t have to thank me,” said Fallon. “All I can say is that I understand loneliness and despair. I’m hoping through studying gem stone magic, I can restore my mortality. And it’s isn’t like it’s not common knowledge that we may bump heads, but I’d genuinely like to help you make the best of your afterlife.”

The girls shared a silent glance of appreciation, and Fallon nodded. Then she turned, and undid the spell on the common room door and it melted back into place, and continued out to her classes. She still wasn’t sure what benefit what she’d done would have for her or Ashla, but it was something she just felt she had to do. She hadn’t bothered to turn around though, she’d already known Ashla had ventured else where.

Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 05:28 pm
Pansy had quickly but her issue of Witch Weekly propped up against the table to hide her face. She had heard everyone snickering. She didn't even give Ashla a good reply, but her heart was a bit more at ease knowing a ghost wasn't out to kill her now.
"Thank you," she muttered quickly out of the corner of her mouth, lowering the magazine just for a moment to glare at some Gryffindor girls that were walking by.
Her glare was so cold that it made them walk faster.

She turned to Draco, whom got up and began walking quickly.
"You gave one to EVERY girl in the whole bloody House!" she shrieked at him, as he pretended not to listen. She figured all repect had for her was gone anyway, she may as well make Draco feel embarrassed.

Aug. 16th, 2004 @ 12:09 am
Fallon helped herself to a spoonful of veggie casserole as Heidi and Regina conversed about the happenings in the Daily Prophet. She laughed as she instantly remembered a story in Circe, her favorite magazine showing Ms. Greenthumb at an anti muggle rally 2 years ago. Coincidence, I think not, Fallon thought with a smirk. Ashla had congregated with some other ghosts near the head table and seemed avidly interested in whatever it was that had made the hot pink rose Regina was suddenly fiddling with appear. Fallon went on to notice a few other Slytherin girls admiring perfectly charmed roses of unique colors including Blaise Zabini who got a lavender rose and Millicent Bulstrode (who had returned to Hogwarts this year looking like a fashion model, no doubt the work of many a potion and spell) got a dark blue rose. She decided not to ponder about who this lunch time Casanova was and went back to her casserole which seemed to be changing colors and became less appealing by the minute. Suddenly, something became very appealing, a shriek from the other end of the Slytherin table coming from none other than Pansy. Fallon shook her head. Why must that girl be so bloody dramatic about everything? She heard some people from the Gryffindor table whispering among themselves.

“What’s wrong with that Pansy girl?”

“I don’t know. She gets crazier by the minute I tell you.”

Pansy was flaming red and Draco couldn’t have looked anymore timid if I’d sprouted a pair of mouse ears and a tail. Heidi and Regina exchanged worried looks. And the rest of the great hall sat dumbfounded, most reluctantly returning to their meals, craning their necks every few moments to the Slytherin table to see what condition Pansy was in now. By this time, Fallon’s casserole was beginning to hum, so she pushed it aside and pulled out her potions text and began to read over her notes for the ultra secret pop quiz Snape gave every Friday. Ashla seemed to be doing a good job making the fool of Pansy. A low hum of snickering had begun throughout the Great Hall. For a split second, Fallon and Ashla made eye contact and Fallon could tell exactly what Ashla was thinking … it’s tomorrow …

Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 07:44 pm
Ashla sighed and waved her hand lazily.
"Details details details. It wasn't easy, but I'm here now, and thats what matters. Dont be jealous, it's just about as boring as being alive." Ashla looked at their plates and smiled. "Plus you get to have chocolate mousse. Well worht being alive for."
She moved so that she was standing in front of Pansy. "Listen, I just want you to know that whatever happened between us, ended when I died. carrying over petty rivalries into the afterlife would be silly on my part, and I'm taking this chance to inform you I will on no account use my position to hurt you or your friends. Albus suggested that I just let you know that, in case you were in any way worried. I wont say that I want us to be 'friends', but civility will be extended on my part."
Ashla tried to keep a calm look on her face as she said these words. She wasnt exactly sure how her former classmate would react.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw Fallon flicking through a textbook. This reminded her that the girl had been eager to avoid her yesterday, or at least get away from her. She made a mental note that she would need to track the girl down later, and turned once again to Pansy to wait for a reply.

Aug. 14th, 2004 @ 01:08 am
Pansy nearly fell out of her seat when she located the source of the voice, and Draco looked twice as shocked as she was.
"I-I thought you were dead!" Pansy squeaked out after catching her breath. It wasn't exxactly calming to see a hated rival as a ghost, IMMORTAL.
"How did you become a," Pansy paused to look Ashla over.
Draco merely stared, shocked to see Ashla as well. His pale complexion was even more white, rivaling only Professor Snape's own pastey complexion.

Aug. 12th, 2004 @ 04:07 am
Ashla drifted away from Heidi and Regina and stood by the north fireplace. The Bloody Baron and the Grey Lady were involved in a rather sinister looking discussion, heads bowed and voices low.

She swept her eyes over the hall. The ceiling was as she'd never seen it. It held a magic of it's own, the magic or architecture, of stone and wood held in place for a thousand years. Spells zoomed across the great hall between students. Some were cloaked in them, cursed or hexed or something, unknowing of their condition. A whole herd of Hufflepuffs were in serious danger of sprouting roses. As it was lunch, and not a compulsory meal, students were drfiting in and out, studying at tables, or just standing around and chatting.

Ashla watched as a lazy path of throbbing hot pink magic wound it's way through the students. It curled around Regina, and settled next to her, on the side that Heidi wasn't. Ashla took slightly more interest, and then outright stared as the spell blossomed into a rose. She saw Regina smile and pluck the rose out of mid air. She looked around and then quickly tucked it into her book bag. Ashla's eyes darted to search out the source of the pink ribbon. It seemed to come from the Slytherin table. She clucked in annoyance, and then doubletook. Draco Malfoy was smiling into his textbook and talking in a low voice to Pansy. And swirling his wand to make smoke rings. Hot pink smoke rings.

"Well well."

Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 02:17 pm
Heidi spent 3 hours in a scolding hot shower when she returned from her uncles
She hated him, hated everything about him.
“As good a visit as usual I see” Ashla floated into the girls bathroom. The serpant showerhead, mouth wide continued to pour out scolding water. It splashed through Ashla.
Ashla handed her a towel that magically cleared the blisters the hot water had caused.
“Lunch?” Ashla suggested.
Food was the farthest thing from Heidi’s mind, but she smiled as Ashla and wished she could throw her arms around her. Even now Ashla was her best friend.
When the two arrived to eat, there was an odd consistency of murmurs.
“What’s going on?” Heidi asked Regina
“It seems someone has been enchanting muggle food to win prizes at muggle county fairs.” Regina passed her a copy of the Daily Prophet.
Heidi read “Muggle acclaimed Canadian singer Avril Lavigne was crushed my an enchanted cantaloupe at the Michigan State fair. The nearly 1 ton cantaloupe, it seems, rolled off of it’s stand and crushed the singer as she was viewing exhibits before her evening performance.
Head of the Department of misuse of magic and misuse of muggle artifacts, quickly arrived at the scene. They were to late to save Miss Lavigne, but did manage to arrest Ms. Sylvia Greenthumb for the crime.
Ms. Greenthumb had been using an engourgement charm to grow the largest fruits and vegetables and win the blue ribbon at muggle state fairs.
When asked for a reason Ms. Greenthumb simply replied “I like blue ribbons.”

Heidi and Ashla looked at each other and burst into laughter.
“Careful Ashla, she may ask to take up residency.” Heidi teased
“Over my dead body!” Ashla stated, the three all pealed with more laughter.
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